How to Apply

Commercial Lines Application Instructions

  1. Carefully review the program description and contract before submitting an application.
  2. ***Sponsors and PaceSetter Nominees***
  3. Please view the Commercial Lines pre-registration presentation.

    Viewing this presentation is required. The interview cannot be conducted until both the agency sponsor and the PaceSetter candidate have viewed the presentation.

  4. Please keep in mind the classes are limited to 40 participants.  Participants for the Jan 2020 class will be selected from applications received between Sept 3 through Nov 22, 2019.

  5. Application is a 2-step process.  First, the *agency sponsor completes Part A of the on-line application. The PaceSetter nominee is then sent an e-mail with a link to complete Part B of the application.Please complete Part A of the on-line PaceSetter Application.

    *agency sponsor is an individual within your agency whom will act as the PaceSetter's sales manager.

  6. The following information is required during the application process:
    • Eight Zip Codes from your candidate's marketing territory. Prospects will be provided to your candidate from these ZIP codes. You will want to have these ready before you begin.
    • Your Nominee's email address (It is important that we have a correct email address for your Nominee in order for them to complete PART B of the application.)

*Note: In order to complete the application, you will need to first log onto Then, select the PaceSetter Program link to access the “How to Apply” page.

PLEASE NOTE:  Please allow at least 15 minutes to complete the application in full. If the process is interrupted, you may have to start over from the beginning. It is important you complete each screen before moving to the next.

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