How to Apply

PaceSetter Contract Commercial Lines

The Nominee must be at least 21 yrs. old or older & agrees to attend all class sessions without exception, follow the PaceSetter Sales System, participate in all PaceSetter activities (including regular coaching sessions, webinars, and the Mid-Year Class Reunion), update the reporting system on a daily basis, and commit to a minimum of $50,000 new State Auto “qualifying” property-casualty business during this 12-month sales program. “Qualifying” business is all new personal lines and commercial lines State Auto business.

State Auto agrees to refund 100% of the registration fee if your PaceSetter produces eligible State Auto premiums and meets other program requirements as described in the fee refund rules. (link to rules) Fees are non-refundable if the PaceSetter is withdrawn from the program at any time during the 12-month period.

The Agency Principal agrees to enthusiastically support the sales activities of the PaceSetter nominee.

The Agency Sponsor agrees to encourage and coach the PaceSetter nominee and to work with the State Auto Coach to increase property-casualty sales production and commit to a minimum of $50,000 new State Auto premium. The Sponsor agrees to attend the Sponsor Sales Management Program (must have attended in the past 5 years to be exempt), quarterly webinars , quarterly coaching sessions, and to regularly review the nominee’s reporting system account.

State Auto agrees to provide technical and sales assistance to the PaceSetter nominee through one-on-one coaching and group skill-building sessions for a period of one year following his/her attendance at the Producer Development Conference.

State Auto also agrees to award an exciting travel incentive – a Caribbean Cruise – to PaceSetter producers who write at least $50,000 in eligible State Auto premiums, and meet other requirements as described in the PaceSetter travel incentive rules. (link to rules)

During the PaceSetter year the PaceSetter participant will:

  • attend in its entirety the PaceSetter Producer Development Conference. Note: we enforce a zero tolerance policy so far as absenteeism and tardiness for the Producer Development Conference, weekly coaching calls and all class conference calls (including Blitz conference calls).
  • attend the PaceSetter Mid-Year Class Reunion
  • be available for weekly coaching appointments
  • update the reporting system on a daily basis
  • give State Auto "first look" at all eligible business and commit to a minimum of $50,000 new State Auto premium.
  • place all quoted accounts with State Auto if they are within 10% of the lowest quote in the agency
  • "Walk away" from all accounts already written with State Auto: regardless of the source of the lead; regardless of when the lead was secured; and no other agent within agency can work/place this account
  • not participate in any other company-sponsored training program/class or marketing effort
  • not participate in any other sales or incentive program
  • not be out of the office more than five individual business days over the PaceSetter year for meetings, CE classes, golf outings, young agent's conferences, etc.
  • not be restricted to a minimum account size
  • use mono line workers comp. markets when necessary to propose State Auto accounts
  • follow the PaceSetter sales system and goals
  • not be subject to a decrease in pay during their PaceSetter year

At the end of the 26th week (6 months) following the Producer Development Conference the PaceSetter participant must meet the following standards in order to continue in the program and to be eligible to participate in the Mid-Year Class Reunion:

  • $100,000 total P & C premium - all companies, all lines; or
  • $20,000 State Auto premium; or
  • 90% of total incentive points for 1st and 2nd Quarter Goals

If at anytime a PaceSetter no longer continues to follow the PaceSetter sales system and goals, the PaceSetter is subject to withdrawal.

I have read the above and agree to comply with these provisions for the 52 week period following the PaceSetter Producer Development Conference.

A contract will be completed in the online application.

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