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Questions and Answers

How is PaceSetter different from other company “schools”?

PaceSetter is not a “company school.” Although there is a Commercial Lines two-week conference and a Personal Lines one-week conference in State Auto headquarters, PaceSetter is a year-long commitment with a focus on the sales process. Participants are taught how to sell all property-casualty products, not just State Auto’s portfolio of products. PaceSetter participants engage one-on-one with a sales coach on a weekly basis for a one-year duration.

Why is PaceSetter so successful?

PaceSetter producers outsell industry averages by more than double because the program emphasizes a systematic approach to prospecting and selling.  Participants develop a personalized marketing plan and then implement that plan by focusing first on x-dating and then following up with an organized sales approach.

This program sounds like it might be good for my CSRs.  Should I sign them up?

No, the program is only appropriate for commissioned, "outside" producers who can devote at least 75% of their time to pursuing new business.

My producer has insurance experience already.  Can the technical training be waived?

No.  Much of the success of the PaceSetter program is attributable to the producers' understanding of the underwriting issues associated with the risks they are prospecting, which is the focus of the technical training classes.  Also, the experienced producers add to class discussion by providing "real life" examples.

My producer has already taken the Dynamics of Selling program.  Can this be waived?

Again, no.  Participants often tell us they gain more from attending the second and subsequent Dynamics of Selling programs than they did the first.  The sales coaches attend the program twice a year and feel they benefit each time.

Is it OK for my producer to arrive late, skip a class session or leave early because of personal circumstances, inconvenient flight schedules, birthdays, anniversaries, important meetings, sales calls, etc.?

No.  Participants are required to attend all sessions they qualify for and there are no excused absences, in either the Commercial Lines of Personal Lines Producer Development Conference of the Commercial Lines Mid-Year PaceSetter Class Reunion, in both the Producer Development Conference and the Mid-Year PaceSetter Class Reunion.

What does the registration fee include?

The registration fee entitles your producer to all the benefits and privileges of the PaceSetter Sales Program for 12 months, as described in the brochure.

How can my producer qualify for the registration fee refund?

Just $50,000 of eligible new State Auto premium earns a PaceSetter fee refund of 50% of fees paid. $75,000 eligible new State Auto premium earns a PaceSetter fee refund of 75% of fees paid and $100,000 earns a PaceSetter fee refund of 100% of fees paid. (See official rules for complete description.)

Should I make travel arrangements for my producer right away?

No, please wait until you are notified that your producer's application has been approved (not all are).  We want to be certain PaceSetter is a good "fit" for your producer.

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