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Mission Statement

Recruiting and training new producers is difficult, time-consuming, and expensive.  Research suggests the odds are stacked against the successful outcome of a new producer hire.  In addition to monetary costs, floundering producers affect office morale and client relations.  Agency principals sacrifice their own sales time to manage and train new producers.  Relatives of agency owners seldom develop into top performers and may become a drain on agency profitability.

On the other hand, a successful new producer can ignite sales and become a catalyst for agency growth.  Relatives can become significant contributors to the agency's future success.  They may become central to the agency's perpetuation plan.  Hiring and training new producers is a high stakes game.  Agency owners, who play the game and win, can win big.

State Auto has a vested interest in our agencies' ability to attract and retain successful producers.  However, many agency owners are reluctant to hire new producers because they are aware of the industry's dismal retention rate or because they have personally had a bad experience with a new hire.  Few agency owners have the expertise or the time to effectively train newer producers.  Fewer still are willing to bring on board a full time sales manager to fill this critical void.  The PaceSetter program is designed to address the needs of our agency partners.

Our Mission is...
Our mission is to assist our agency force in recruiting, training and managing producers, working closely with each PaceSetter producer and agency to develop the marketing, sales, and underwriting expertise necessary to write quality business.

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